Visonicom Z1 Wireless HDMI Kit, consisting of a 4k Wireless HDMI Transmitter and a 4k Wireless HDMI Receiver, is a Wireless Ultra HD Extender for streaming video and audio from Laptop, PC, Phone, Set Top Box, HD Media Player, and HDSLR camera or CCTV Camera, etc. to HDTV, Projector, HD Display, or Monitor, for Home Theater, Conference or Classroom Presentation, Gaming, and Surveillance...

Generally, it can be regarded as a Wireless HDMI Cable. Anywhere a HDMI/VGA cable is not convenient to organize, or a HDMI/VGA is temporarily required, the wireless HDMI kit helps.

Functions of the long-range wireless HD video transmitter and receiver

The Z1 Wireless HD kit can work in 2 modes:

1. Z1 Wireless HDMI Transmitter (TX) with Z1 Wireless HDMI Receiver (RX)
In this way, Z1 TX can connect with any device that comes with a HDMI output port (Desktop PC, Laptop, Set Top Box, HD Player, HDSLR Camera or Surveillance Camera, etc), and transmits the video to Z1 RX. Z1RX can connect with and send the video to any screen with HDMI (or VGA+ audio) input port (HDTV, HD display, projector, monitor, etc).
Here the Wireless HD Kit is a kind of Wireless HDMI cable, or Wireless HDMI extender.

2. Wireless HDMI Receiver (RX) Only
wireless hdmi kit application 2Z1 RX can also work without Z1 TX. In this way, it can still connect to and send the video to any screen with HDMI (or VGA+ audio) input port (HDTV, HD display, projector, monitor, etc), wirelessly from desktop PC, laptop, Android phone and iPhone, Android tablet PC and iPad, which supports Wireless Screen, Miracast, or AirPlay, or DLNA.

Basic Features:

Besides the functions, Z1 Wireless HDMI Kit’s main Highlights are as following:
1.Support UHD 4k (3840*2160) and backwards compatible
2.Latency as low as 0.1s(almost real time) for even 4k video transfer
3.Simple to use. It’s plug and play, no software or APP is needed
4.WiFi or Bluetooth connection is not a must
5.Effective Transmission range as far as 100ft (30 meters)
6. Dual antenna for 2.4GHz and 5GHz dual WiFi bands


Wireless HDMI Kit
Wireless HD Transmitter   Wireless HD Receiver
Model TX Z1   Model RX Z1
RAM DDR 1Gbit DDR3   RAM 1Gbit  DDR3
ROM 32MB Flash   Flash 1Gbit
Wireless Module RTL8821CU  IEEE 802.11ac 2.4GHz/5GHz 1T1R   Wireless Module RTL8821CU  IEEE 802.11ac 2.4GHz/5GHz 1T1R
System Support Android/Windows/MacOS/Linux…Any OS   System Support Android/Windows/MacOS/iOS
I/O Interface 1*HDMI(for Video Input from any device), 1*Type-C(for power supply)   I/O Interface 1*HDMI(Output), 1*VGA(Output), 1*Audio(Output), 1*Type-C(Power Supply)
Colour Black   Colour Black
Power Supply 5V 1A   Power Supply 5V 2A
Resolution 4K UHD and backwards   Resolution 4K UHD and backwards
Features 1. The Transmitter is suitable for Any Windows PC/laptop, Macbooks, Mac PC with HDMI output ports, or any HD player, CCTV camera with HDMI output, or Any other device with HDMI output or onverted HDMI ports.
2. Point-to-point HDMI wireless transmission, plug and play, transmission distance 30 meters.
3. Support Google Chrome
4. Support Google Home app
5. Support 5G/2.4G dual-band WiFi
6. Support OTA online upgrade
  Features 1. The Receiver is suitable for any TV, monitor, projector and other display devices with HDMI input interface or VGA input interface;
2. It is simple to pair with the Transmitter and receive video from transmitter wirelessly and output through HDMI port to any display devices with HDMI or VGA port;
3. Point-to-point HDMI wireless transmission, plug and play, transmission distance 30 meters;
4. Wireless Display(WiFi Display): It can also work without the transmitter and directly mirror/cast from Apple/Android phones and personal computers wirelessly;
5. Support DLNA (push);
6. Support Google Chrome;
7. Support Google Home app;
8 Support 5G/2.4G dual-band WiFi;
9. Support OTA online upgrade
Product Packaging Information
Product Size 60*13.8mm, HDMI cable length:110mm   Product Size 120*65*18mm
Product Weight 35g   Product Weight 135g
Box Size 222*142*45mm
Total Weight 465g