300Mbps Wireless GPON HGU (GPON ONU) 4FE VNU-G5004W Featured

300Mbps Wireless GPON HGU (GPON ONU) 4FE VNU-G5004W 300Mbps Wireless GPON HGU (GPON ONU) 4FE VNU-G5004W

VNU-G5004W is a 2T2R wireless GPON ONU for FTTH broadband access for home and SOHO users. The VNU-G5004W 300Mbps GPON HGU (Home Gateway Unit) is based on the stable and mature GPON technology of cost effectiveness, and the technology of layer-2 Ethernet switch as well. It is highly reliable and easy to maintain, with guaranteed HQoS, and fully compliant to ITU-T G.984 GPON standards.

Product Features
* Meets the requirements of ITU-T G.9841/2/3/4 standard and G987.3 protocol;
* Supports G984 standard PLOAM;
* Embedded OAM and OMCI processing;
* Supports bridging and NAT mode of BOB technology
* Supports L2/L3 multicast forwarding, L2 bridge, L3 routing and NAPT and other business processing functions;
* Supports IPv4 and IPv6 dual stack as well as DS-Lite, 6RD function;
* Supports rich and flexible flow classification function;
* Supports HQoS (Hiberarchy Quality of Service) to achieve hierarchical QoS;
* WiFi b/g/n 2T2R up to 300Mbps


CPU Architecture ARM Cortex A9
Chip ZX297112
RAM DDR3:1Gbit
WiFi MT7603
Hardware appearance and interface
Network end GPON
User end Four 10/100M Ethernet port + 300Mbps WiFi
Software Characteristics
Support online upgrade Yes
Support remote management Yes
Power Specifications
Power adapter input AC 100~240V, 50/60Hz
Whole machine power supply DC12V/0.5A
Physical & Work Environment
Working Temperature -10°C~45°C
Working Humidity 0~90% 
Dimensions L162*W112.5*H41mm
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