1300M Gigabit Smart Home Gateway Wireless IoT Router VAC1301G Featured

1300M Gigabit Smart Home Gateway Wireless IoT Router VAC1301G 1300M Gigabit Smart Home Gateway Wireless IoT Router VAC1301G

Visonicom 1300Mbps gigabit VAC1301G is a smart home IoT gateway wireless router with built-in Zigbee module (Optional) and 2.4G+5G dual band WiFi for both Zigbee and WiFi smart home for 1-touch connection and communication to less one-by-one configuration on client units.

VAC1301G can work with over 100 smart devices at the same time. Working with smart speaker, it is to control the smart devices intelligently. VAC1301G supports various smart combinations and modules to facilitate the intelligent control on the whole smart home network.

VAC1301G is not only a smart home gateway, but also a powerful 1300Mbps 2.4G+5G dual band wireless router. The 5 pieces high-gain enables long range WiFi coverage, and gigabit Ethernet ports supports high bandwidth internet access. Following IEEE 802.11ac WiFi standard and concurrent over 2.4GHz and 5GHz the 11ac router supports up to 1300Mbps WiFi data rate. 2.4GHz WiFi with 400Mbps data rate is aimed at longer range WiFi coverage with relatively high speed, while 5GHz with 867Mbps data rate is designed for more clients and higher bandwidth. Optimized hardware design minimizes the interference for more stable and reliable connection. Unique software of flexible smart bandwidth control enables smooth online gaming, video streaming and internet surfing at the same time. It is the right choice for HD online video streaming, 3D gaming, etc. The special firewall can block internet scrounging, password cracking, and network attack.

The VAC1301G intelligent gateway gigabit wireless router 1300Mbps can be implemented at home, office meeting room, hotel, school, internet café, etc.

Basic Features
* Supports IEEE 802.11ac WiFi standard;
* Supports both Zigbee and WiFi smart home IoT network;
* One-touch connection for smart home intelligent devices;
* Supports over 100 smart home IoT devices;
* Dead spot free design with 5dbi for long range coverage;
* Special design to solve fake-signal problem-where there’s WiFi signal, there’s internet access;
* Intelligent bandwidth distribution for online gaming, video streaming and internet surfing;
* Support QoS, to control bandwidth over IP and/or MAC;
* Enhanced firewall blocks network attack, internet scrounging, password cracking, virus, for a secure network;
* Supports static routing;
* Supports bandwidth control;
* Supports DDNS and port forwarding;
* Supports multiple WiFi SSID;
* Supports multiple wireless encryption


Item Specification
Main Chip MT7621AT+MT7615DN
WiFi Data Rate Dual band 1300Mbps
Flash 8MB
IoT Zigbee module
Ethernet 10/100/1000Base-T WAN port * 1
10/100/1000Base-T LAN Ports* 2
Buttons Reset
Indicators Power, WiFi, Zigbee(optional), WAN, LAN x2
WiFi Data Rate 2.4G 400Mbps+ 5G 867Mbps
Antenna 5dBi*5 high gain
Wireless Modulation OFDM: BPSK@6/9Mbps, QPSK@12/18Mbps,16-QAM@24/36Mbps,64-QAM@48/54Mbps>
DSSS: DBPSK@1Mbps, DQPSK@2Mbps, CCK@5.5/11Mbps
Tx Power 5.8GHz:17dBm Max
2.4GHz:18dBm Max
Working Temperature -10ºC~50ºC
Working Humidity 0~95%(non-condensing)
Storage Temperature -40ºC~70ºC
Storage Humidity 0~ 100%(non-condensing)
Power Supply DC12V/1.0A
Powe Consumption ≤ 10W
Items Description
Working Mode AP LAN,WAN,Wireless bridge
Router NAT
WISP LAN, WAN bridge, as wireless STA uplink to AP
WAN Settings PPPoE Support
DHCP Support
Static IP Support
MAC Clone Support
Service Name Support
Network Monitoring Support
MTU Support
DNS Support
QoS Smart QoS, Dynamic Distribution Mechanism
UPnP Support
DDNS Support
Wireless On/Off Support
SSID Support
WiFi Channels 1~14,36~48,149~165(China, or customized)
Tx Power adjustment Support
Multiple SSID Support
Client Mode Wireless STA
AP Mode Support
Ad-Hoc Mode Support
Monitor Mode Support
AP(WDS) Mode Support
Client (WDS)Mode Support
Hidden SSID Support
WMM Support
Wireless MAC filtering Support
802.11bgn/ac Support
HT20/40/80 Support
Wireless Fragmentation Threshold Support
RTS/CTS Threshold Support
LAN DHCP Sever Support
DHCP Start Support
DHCP Pool Support
DHCP Leasing Term Support
vLAN Support
Static Routing Support
DHCP Client List Support
DNS Redirect Support
Firewall Firewall Block original attack, port attack, Syn-flood etc.
MAC Filtering Support
IP Filtering Support
Port Filtering Support
Port Trigger Support
Application Trigger Support
Virtual Server Support
System Management Web UI New web UI
Statistics Model Number, Running period, SW and HW versions, memory usage, etc
NTP client, NTP server Support
Time Zone Support
Administrator Password Support
SSH,Telnet Optional(Off as default)
System Log System log and Kernel log
Process Control View, and terminate
System Load CPU, LAN, and WLAN 
Language Slecection Support
Firmware update Support
Setting Backup, Updating Support
Reset Factory Default Support
One-touch Networking Support
Restart System Support


Additional Info

  • Chipset: Mediatek MT7621AT
  • Firmware: OpenWrt/Linux SDK
  • WiFi Frequency: 5GHz 11ac + 2.4GHz 11n
  • WiFi Data Rate: 1.3Gbps
  • WiFi Power: Standard
  • Internet Access Mode: PPPoE-ADSL/ONU, Dynamic IP, Static IP, PPTP, L2TP, WISP, AP Client(Repeater), PPPoE + DHCP
  • Operation Mode: Wireless Router, AP/Gateway, AP Client/Repeater
  • WAN Port: RJ45 Gigabit Ethernet * 1
  • LAN Port: RJ45 * 4 Gigabit
  • USB Port: USB2.0*1
  • FXS port: NA

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